Мы знаем специфику бухучёта в разных сферах бизнеса.

    Скорее всего у нас есть опыт ведения бухгалтерии в вашей области. Отправьте заявку и получите персональное предложение.

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      Trouble-free bookkeeping

      • Doing the bookkeeping
      • Legally reducing taxes
      • Payroll and salary calculation
      • Preparing management reporting
      • Solving legal and personnel issues
      • We are financially responsible for our work
      • English speaking staff

        Test our service!
        If you change your mind within 30 days after we started, we'll refund your money without any discussions. As well we will give back all documents and 1C database.
        Ludmila Edwards CEO

        Whom we can help

        We work with entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg

        You may provide services, sell goods or equipment, promote websites or make advertisements, run a manufacturing, shop or cafe — it doesn’t matter, we work with all branches!

        You are just getting started

        -If you do not have an accountant yet we will be the first. We will register your company, choose a tax system, help open a bank account, and discuss all the subtle aspects.

        You already have an accountant

        If you want to change your accountant or accounting company, we will help you to fire him or her, assume charge of your business, 1C databases, conduct checks and eliminate errors. We can make your accounting better.

        Special offers

        IT companies

        Manufacturing companies

        Advertising companies

        Wholesale companies

        Cargo companies

        Medical companies

        Tech companies


        Your business

        What you'll get


        Maintaining your accounting records and filing accounts. Always on time and without errors.

        Calculating salaries, vacations and sick leave certificates. HR accounting.

        Collecting and keeping contractor’s documents, doing Intercompany reconciliation.

        Processing of primary documents and all things required.


        Entering records in the 1C database and electronic reporting system. And it’s free for you.

        Conducting international business, interact with bank.

        It requires minimal involvement in accounting issues from your side.

        Preparing documents to begin the loan process.


        Prompt answers to all your questions. In touch at any time!

        Amending fines and penalties occurred due to our fault.

        Solving any tax issues, releasing a blocked account.

        Safely optimizing taxes.



        We are ready to solve any issues
        with your accounting

        Ludmila Edwards

        • Get personalized advice on doing business in Russia
        • Accounting Cost Reduction Plan
        • Business Automation Guidelines

        Within 30 minutes I will personally contact you and give recommendations on how to improve accounting.

          We have ideas how to reduce taxes and optimize accounting.

          Challenges that we solve

          I want to start a business in Russia, but I am new to Russian legislation and do not know all the ins and outs of startups.
          • We will take on all the issues associated with the organization of your business.
          • We can collect and prepare documents required, perform their official translation, help you understand all the details of doing business in Russia, provide legal support and help register the company.
          It is difficult for me to register a company without being entangled in many bureaucratic procedures.
          • We will visit all agencies ourselves, collect and prepare all documents, help register a legal entity, determine the optimal taxati establish on system, and establish accounting.
          • And you can focus on developing your business.
          I do not know which tax system to choose to pay a minimum of taxes.
          • We will develop for your company the most profitable taxation schemes, legal, with minimal risks. We will tell you in detail about the features of these schemes and help you choose the best option.
          I do not know how to organize financial and tax accounting in a new country.
          • We organize bookkeeping, tax and management accounting from scratch in compliance with all the requirements and rules of not only Russian standards but, if necessary, international systems.
          I receive fines from the tax authorities because my accountant makes mistakes.
          • Because of our experience, qualification and responsibility we perform our work finely and like a clock, and a formal contract guarantees you financial safety. We usually do not have fines, but if this happens, we will pay any fine at our own expense.
          I’m going to buy into a Russian company and I want to be sure that this transaction is safe and profitable.
          • Lawyers will check the safety of transaction, but before that economists will analyze its conditions based on your interests, assess the company’s prospects for the future and give unbiassed advices. Reach out to us and purchase and sale transaction will be profitable.
          I have a lot of questions on finance, taxes and law, and I would like to receive answers to these questions. I like when business is under control in any country.
          • We welcome your commitment to carefully control your business.
          • We will explain and clarify all issues of interest, including taxes, accounting, law in a simple and plain language.
          • You will clearly understand what is happening in your Russian company regarding financial management.
          I am not accustomed to the Russian mentality, I have lived a little in Russia and I am afraid to miss some important points that could weaken my business.
          • We know everything about Russian business and will help you clarify any issues. For confident activity and business you need a competent and reliable lawyer, an accountant and an assistant in organizational and personnel issues – and we successfully deal with these tasks.
          I already have a business in Russia and it seems to me that I pay too much taxes.
          • You are probably overpaying instead of saving. We will help to reduce tax expenses in a safe, legal way by developing an optimal taxation scheme for you.
          I don’t understand how much my company earns, what is the real profit and is it possible to increase it.
          • We will show you the figures of income, expenses and real profit and explain what they are made up of. In addition, we will analyze your business in terms of opportunities and prospects, taking into account the current situation, find “growth points” and propose optimal development strategies.

          Not find a solution to your problem? Write to us.

          How do we manage all that?

          Well-coordinated team of experts

          Accountants working with clients

          are engaged in operational accounting, payroll management, drawing sick leave, making payments, conducting acts of reconciliation with counterparties and solve urgent issues of the Client. In addition, they advise clients on current affairs.

          Chief Accountants

          control the quality of work of accountants, calculate VAT and income tax, provide advice on complex issues of Russian law, management accounting, and tax optimization.

          Independent Auditors

          solve the most rare and confusing issues regarding Russian law. As a rule, their help is required in solving complex conceptual issues.

          Programmers, lawyers, consultants

          support accountants in their daily routine so that everything works like a charm.

          The collective knowledge base

          Process automation

          We have automated most of the routine tasks so that our accountants have time to analyze your business, optimize taxes and provide advice. Thanks to automation you get a well-organized accounting and an accountant who has time to deal with your issues.

          Analyzing mistakes

          We use a "double control" principle to track errors. But mistakes do happen, the human factor still exists. We started to learn from our mistakes. We analyze each error to find out its causes and our omissions. Then we take measures to avoid such mistakes in future, once for all.


          Prices depend on document flow in your company (i.d. actual work). Your income doesn’t matter.
          If only price matters
          Do you offer a free trial month?
          Why there is no sense to compare prices in different accounting companies?

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          Select your taxation system

          Quantity of transactions per month

          Number of patents

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          It looks like you have a fairly large company. Call us to offer an individual price.

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            Test our service!

            If you change your mind within 1 month after we started, we'll refund your money and will give back all documents and “1C” database.
            There are no risks!

            How it works

            Doсuments’ processing

            Your actions:

            Collecting all the documents that you receive from clients/suppliers within one month.

            Our actions:

            Our courier picks up the accounting documentation and delivers it to our office, after that we:

            • check the satisfactory form and compliance of primary accounting and tax documents
            • process all primary documents and enter them into the accounting program
            • inform about missing documents
            • use these documents for accounting
            • download data from your accounting software, if necessary
            • carry out intercompany reconciliation with contracting parties

            Calculation and payment of taxes

            Your actions:

            Approve the amount of taxes you plan to pay.

            Our actions:

            • 10 days before the delivery of the next reporting we inform the client of the planned amount of taxes, and also offer options for their adjustment in order to optimize payments to the budget.
            • after receiving feedback on the proposed options we make the final tax calculation and form financial statements.
            • preparing tax payments.
            • sending reports to the IFTS (Inspection Office of the Federal Tax Service).

            Payroll management

            Your actions:

            inform us about hiring and dismissal of employees, their sick leaves, vacations and business trips in the current month. before the day of payroll you confirm the time sheet of employees prepared by us and, if necessary, make adjustments.

            Our actions:

            • drawing up personnel documents (admission, transfer, dismissal), filling out work books, contracts.
            • based on the information received, we compile a time sheet for employees, and send the time sheet to the client for approval.
            • we calculate and run payroll calculations after you confirm the time sheet.
            • when it comes time to advance payment, vacation or payroll we prepare paychecks for payment.
            • we calculate all the necessary "salary taxes" and prepare payment orders.


            If you have questions about accounting, taxes, labor law, etc. just ask a personal accountant.

            If for some reason (s)he cannot give an answer our internal auditors can help you. They will deal even with the most confusing task.

            We undertake all interactinos with IFTS and funds. We respond to inquiries, give explanations, solve issues during tax audit in our office.

            How to get a perfect accounting?

            step 1

            Leave a request

            step 2

            We calculate the individual cost of service, taking into account the specifics of your business

            step 3

            We take over duties from your previous accountant, put your accounting in order, perform book-to-tax reconciliation.

            step 4

            We analyze your business, identify weak points

            step 5

            Start working according to plan.

            If you want to leave

            If you want to stop working with us, we will hand over all the necessary reporting, transfer the databases, EDS and all documents. We will support the new accountant.

            Why choose us

            You pay only for actual work

            Charge rate does not depend on your turnovers, it is related only to labor costs. As the turnover of your business increases, the price will not rise.

            Liability and indemnity

            We are financially responsible for our work. This is specified in the contract: we are ready to pay any fine imposed on your company through our fault.

            Private Policy

            All information that you share with us remains strictly confidential.

            Our experience

            All our employees has an accounting experience of at least 11 years.

            Human interaction

            We are not a computerlike online service. You are engaged in a team of living people with whom you can contact in a convenient way: phone, e-mail, whatsapp, telegram, etc.

            More than you expect

            We are always in touch, always ready to fulfill any assignment within our competence.

            Financum team

            The company is, first of all, the people who work for it

            Helped 527 entrepreneurs to save money

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            Anton Antonov


            Natalya Mayorova


            Elena Vavilova


            Vasiliy Petrov


            Cat Cash

            company mascot

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            Elena Loginova


            With whom we are not compatible?

            We are not good for you if you:

            • Prefer to talk with an accountant face to face
            • Do not send documents or do it at the last moment
            • Do not pay taxes
            • Want to be served for free

            Time to make up your mind

            To solve problems with accounting, take the first step - leave a request.
            • Get personalized advice on how to reduce taxes
            • Accounting cost reduction plan
            • Business Automation Recommendations
            • Free check of accounting for the past periods

              how you prefer to be contacted?

              • Viber
              • WhatsApp
              • Telegram
              It is free and non-binding.


              This is often true. But not in our case. We take care of all issues related to the transfer of cases from the old accountant or company to us. We make sure that they finish the work they were paid for.

              The speed of response to requests is on average 50 minutes. If the request is sent marked URGENT, the answer from the accountant will be received within no more than 30 minutes.

              The accountant performs all the tasks and functions of a full-time accountant - from entering primary documentation to submitting reports and consultations.

              Changing an accountant or outsourcing company is difficult. It takes a lot of time, it takes a lot of effort.

              This is often true. But not in our case. We take care of all issues related to the transfer of cases from the old accountant or company to us. We make sure that they finish the work they were paid for.

              How quickly does your accountant respond to inquiries?

              The speed of response to requests is on average 50 minutes. If the request is sent marked URGENT, the answer from the accountant will be received within no more than 30 minutes.

              What are the responsibilities of an accountant?

              The accountant performs all the tasks and functions of a full-time accountant - from entering primary documentation to submitting reports and consultations.

                Didn't find the answer to your question? Ask the accountant