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      Make sure your accounting is ОК

      Order a free express audit of your accounting

        Causes for concern

        The most common signs that there are problems in accounting

        Reports are submitted at the last moment. There is a constant emergency work in accounting

        It is impossible to clear up any question with your accountant

        The tax agency repeatedly sends fines, and blocks the account.

        The accountant cannot say who owes the company money and to whom your company owes.

        You cannot understand why your company pays the current amount of taxes.

        Your accountant is constantly talking about how difficult his/her job is.

        What you get?

        What is included in the accounting audit?

        A real assessment of the state of accounting in your company.

        Information about possible risks.

        We will explain why your company pays the current amount of taxes and how to reduce them.

        We will not only check your bookkeeping for compliance with the requirements of the law, but also tell you how to keep records so that it becomes a reliable basis for making the right management decisions.

        Proposal for reducing the cost of accounting services.

        Assess your accounting!

        It is free and non-binding.

          How we work

          Step 1

          You submit a request

          Step 2

          We send you an application form and privacy agreement

          Step 3

          You fill in the form and grant access to your accounting database

          Step 4

          We prepare a report about the state of accounting and proposals to correct errors