Мы знаем специфику бухучёта в разных сферах бизнеса.

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      What you get

      A team of experts that will cost like one employee.
      An accountant, a lawyer, a business advisor will always be in touch with you on any accounting, legal or other issues.


      You develop your business, we do the rest.

      Resolving old issues

      1. Reconstruction of accounts, putting things in order in your database
      2. Checking with the tax agency and refunding overpayments
      3. Unlocking frozen accounts and solving issues with the tax agency
      4. Integrating with "1C" software and electronic reporting system for free

      Resolving current issues

      1. Making invoices, statements, VAT invoices
      2. Making payments and upload them to the bank
      3. Preparing and verifying the intercompany reconciliation
      4. Preparing expense reports
      5. Answering all your questions. Always in touch
      6. Promptly responding to your requests
      7. Integrating with your accounting systems. Unload all necessary documents
      8. Integrating with "1C Trade Management" software for accounting

      Accounting service

      1. Choosing a tax system
      2. Safely reducing taxes
      3. Informing you about all the risks for your business
      4. Answering any questions on accounting in a plain language
      5. Filing accounts on time
      6. Repaying all fines that arise through our fault
      7. Solving tax issues, unfreezing your bank account, reconstruction of accounts
      8. Findings answer to the most confusing accounting questions
      9. Refunding export VAT

      HR and payroll accounting

      1. Employing or firing employees from your company
      2. Calculating and paying leave allowance
      3. Preparing sick leave certificates and reimbursing in the Social Insurance Fund
      4. Running payroll calculations in time, preparing payment documents, calculating taxes
      5. Paying an advance and travel allowance
      6. Supporting in the registration of foreign employees
      7. Making certificates 2-NDFL (income tax), 182-N (salary statement) for employees
      8. Preparing reports for the tax agency, retirement fund and the Social Insurance Fund
      9. Preparing orders, calculations, making entries in the employment record books

      Legal support

      1. Checking documents for compliance with the law and your interests
      2. Creating contracts and addendum to contracts
      3. Registering "ООО" or self-employed individual
      4. Introducing amendments to сonstating documents
      5. Checking the reliability of the counterparty
      6. Preparing documents for the reception of foreign citizens
      7. Explaining legal niceties

      Work with banks

      1. Sending payments to the client bank at your request
      2. Making transaction certificates
      3. Enforcement of deadlines to prepare documents for currency control
      4. Preparing documents for obtaining bank loans
      5. Sending documents at the request of the bank for loan servicing
      6. Preparing statements for the payroll card program

      Accounting for your documents

      1. Collecting, sorting and storing your primary documents
      2. Sending a courier for your primary documents
      3. Receiving documents from contractors to our office
      4. Always providing you with a scanned copy of the required document

      Management Accounting

      1. Helping you deal with the finances of the company
      2. Informing you how much you actually earn, where the money goes and where your profit is
      3. Setting up management accounting
      4. Setting up planning and budgeting
      5. Developing appropriate forms of management reporting
      6. Analyzing finance indicators
      7. Preparing reports on cash flows, profit and loss
      8. Helping to optimize the costs of the company and its business processes
      9. Explaining in plain language what financial indicators mean