Мы знаем специфику бухучёта в разных сферах бизнеса.

    Скорее всего у нас есть опыт ведения бухгалтерии в вашей области. Отправьте заявку и получите персональное предложение.

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      Company presentation

      There are many websites that offer accounting services.

      And it is not easy to understand what kind of company is behind the website.

      Non-professional companies

      • The accountant decides that accounting outsourcing is a simple task and founds a company
      • (S)he promises low prices.
        -However, it turns out that after their work you need to restore accounting.

      Professional companies

      • An established team that comprehensively solves accounting issues.
      • They value their reputation and ready to adapt to the customers’ needs.

      Big providers

      • They create an image of ideal contractors who never make mistakes and do the impossible.
        In fact, they turn out to be professional companies with high prices for their services.

      Non-professional companies

      Professional companies

      Big providers

      “Finansum” is in this area

      Now we are going to prove it to the most skeptical client.

      What ever is the difference between you and other companies?

      — One skeptical client.

      It’s important for us to be technologically simple.

      We pay the greatest attention to the development of automation in the company. As a result, accountants do work faster and contribute more time to your business.

      For example, we can automate billing, invoices, payroll. We integrate with your accounting systems and organize a two-way exchange. In each case we develop an automation option individually.

      Internal control system

      We sometimes make mistakes too. After that, we analyse each error to find out its causes and our omissions. Then we take measures to avoid such mistakes in future, once for all.

      My accounting is difficult/very specific.
      How will you cope with that?

      — One skeptical client.

      Our accountants do not stew in their own juice. They cooperate with each other and with the cross-field experts.

      You work with lots of clients and then have no time to complete tasks

      — One skeptical client.

      All clients are different

      We split the work among a number of accountants so they have enough time to focus on your tasks.

      We won’t take a project if we see that we cannot help.

      “That’s true. We do not want to spend your time and time of our team in a useless work”

      And what is your responsibility?

      — One skeptical client.

      We are fully responsible for fines that occurred through our fault.

      См. наш договор пункт 5.2

      You won't disappear, will you?

      — One skeptical client.

      We have our own office where we have worked since 2007.

      All employees work five days from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. There are no freelance accountants, remote employees who cannot be contacted or asked what you need.

      Come to us and let’s get acquainted!

      The heart of any company is the people that work for it.

      I want to make our communication full of trust and respect from the very beginning.

      Let's talk as a first step (tell us about your business, what do you expect from the accounting company, what problems are of concern) and then you will decide whether to work with us or look for other partners!

      Our team

      I have hired people who are personally involved in their job. I am sure about them and I know that they are real experts.

      I am certain that we can be helpful for your business.

      Are you ready to work together?

      Leave your contacts and we will contact you.
      Tell us what tasks you need to solve, and we will tell you how we can help you.