Мы знаем специфику бухучёта в разных сферах бизнеса.

    Скорее всего у нас есть опыт ведения бухгалтерии в вашей области. Отправьте заявку и получите персональное предложение.

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      About us

      We desire to create accounting service of the highest quality for entrepreneurs.

      We brought together accountants, lawyers, IT experts and business advisors so that you can grow your business without being distracted by the rest.

      Let's get acquainted!

      Lyudmila Lebedeva, accountant and tax consultant with 20 years of experience. I will personally take on your project.
      For any company it may become necessary to use accounting service. When choosing an accounting company, it is very important to understand who you are dealing with. A lot of accounting companies know how to present themselves in a nice way but only a few confirm their words with real figures and facts.

      We want to make your communication with us full of trust and respect from the very beginning. If the information below is not enough for you, we are excited to tell you more about ourselves.

      P.S. Let's talk as a first step (tell us about your business, what do you expect from the accounting company, what problems are of concern) and then you will decide whether to work with us or look for other partners!

      What we can tell about “Finansum”


      • We work in our own office in the downtown.
      • We will not move beyond the Ring Motorway.
      • It’s easy to reach us. We located in the center of St. Petersburg – metro station “Petrogradskaya”.
      • We have a free courier


      • We have invested more than 3 million rubles in the improvement of “1C” accounting software.
      • Our team has developed a system of automated control, which allows to reduce the risk of the "human factor" in the accounting process as much as possible.
      • The accountant will be focused on your business, not on a routine paperwork.


      • Our team of accountants will do everything to ensure that accounting outsourcing brings you all benefits.
      • Tax consultants will find legal ways to reduce taxes.
      • We will support you during all tax checks.


      We have been working since 2006

      Over 150 clients

      The average work experience of our employees is 17 years

      Our clients saved 57 million rubles in total by reducing taxes

      We reduce expenses for accountants 2 times, improving their efficiency

      38 million Export VAT refund

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